Anybody else gone back to version 1.8?

Hello everyone,
Why is version 2 of Storyboard Pro so badly layed out? Having looked forward to the new release and upgraded I have now had to go back to my previous version because the new arrangements with the tabs are so counter intuitive.
Why seperate the brush size, colour palette and draw behind buttons onto seperate tabs? It was all arranged in on the brush tab before and although not perfect it was infinetly better than this.
I don’t use Storyboard Pro for it’s drawing tools, it will never be as good as Photoshop or Illustrator, but they were good enough. However now my work flow has slowed right down because of this terrible tab system. Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by this?

Hello Ressler,

The latest version is actually Storyboard Pro 6 which came out in February of 2018, so Storyboard Pro 2 is actually much older software and I encourage you to try out the latest version of Storyboard Pro if you have not yet.

Thank you for the feedback, we always appreciate it.