Any way to quickly combine to vertices?

I’m going through my drawings and getting rid of any gaps I can find but it is tedious moving the points onto each other. Is there any way to select a few vertices and combine them?

Edit: I FINALLY figured out how to make flatten work like it should which pretty much fixes my problem. But my question still is valid if someone has an answer.

There is no weld vertices which is one of biggest shortcomings in the drawing tools.

There are really only 2 ways to make this easier.

Method 1 - switch on snap to vertices when closing gaps

Method 2 - Delete a number of the vertices in between and a line will appear. However this sometimes changes the shape of your object and you have to reshape.

The vertices also change colour when they are lined up right.

Wow, you’re all sorts of help. I was unaware that tool option did that. That should simplify things a lot. Thank you.

I’ve taken to using the snap to contour function and deleting any extra lines that come up. My drawings are a lot cleaner and it makes coloring so much easier. Thanks to you both!

I still hope the next version of animate has a weld function.

You can use the Close Gap tool instead of dragging the verts together. But other than that, turning on Snap to Contour works really well with the contour editor. Sometimes it helps also to snap a little further up the line then delete the bit that hangs off, if that makes any sense.