Any way to make custom modules? Or have the Script Module update in realtime?

Hello! I have been dabbling in toonboom expressions for some time now and was wondering if there is any way to create custom modules?

I make many expressions in toonboom, but would like to make things that are a bit more modular. I was excited when I saw the “Script Module” but then realized it doesn’t update in realtime like I thought it did, so expressions still seem to be the way to go for the things I want to do, but they can be really time consuming to setup and hard to reuse.

I really would like a more modular way of reusing expressions, and was wondering if it’s possible to create custom node modules.

The type of module I’m thinking is a simple “Math” module. That would let you have two inputs and control the output: For example: If I know I want to add or multiply a “Peg A’s” X position by “Peg B’s” Y position, I can that with an expression, but would like a way to do it using a Module.

Here is a quick mock up of what I would like to create. I’ve made a similar Script Module but since it doesn’t update in real time it isn’t really that useful.


Did you ever make any headway into this?
I’ve been looking for a way to do exactly this.
Combining values from multiple pegs would be extremely handy.

Yes. Sounds interesting.