Any way to have zero ease as default for rotations?

I have a puppet and I am trying to make a walk cycle. I want everything to rotate smoothly - without easing in. Is there any way I can rotate with zero ease in/out without having to set them all as I go?


Are you animating with the Transform tool or the IK tool.
The only place where you can have a default ease is with the IK tool if you set it in the Tool Properties view.


I’m using the transform tool. I am wanting an immediate transition (0 ease) whether it be XY movement or rotation. I can do that by going into “Set ease for multiple parameters” and set each frame to zero but that is very tedious.

I’m sure I want a motion keyframe. Here’s a screenshot.

I’m not sure what the issue is really. I created a new scene with couple drawings, rotated one and moved the other to the right. Both automatically set an ease for any sort of translation. I don’t recall having this issue before SP1. I will try completely removing Animate and reinstalling it. Hopefully that will fix it.

Edit: It turns out I had Default Bezier and Default Bezier Velocity off. Once I switched them on it went back to normal.

By default there should be no ease. Are you seeing an ease when you use the Transform Tool or the Rotate tool?


There is no ease by default when you create a movement with the transform tool.

Is what you want in fact to have a stop-motion keyframe instead of a motion keyframe? Do you want one keyframe to jump to the next without interpolation? If this is the case, you can right-click on the first keyframe and "set Stop-Motion Keyframe"

If this isn’t the problem then kindly provide a screenshot of the Set Ease with Multiple Parameters window to show me what it looks like before and after. You can upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.


Ahhhhh, I finally understand. So instead of creating Bezier curves, it was creating Ease curves, and Ease curves cannot have direct interpolation. So sorry I didn’t think of this before! I never work with Ease curves so it just didn’t occur to me.