Any way to change the style of the colorpicker in Harmony Essentials to be more in line with that of adobe photoshop?

I’m really not liking the rainbow style colorpicker that is the defult (

I’d prefer it to be more in the style of that of photoshop ( ) with a seperate window for the hues and the large square be dedicated for saturation and light/darkness. Is it possible to get a similar color picker in Harmony essentials? or change the look of the color picker at all?

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

If you click on the H on the left you’ll change from RGB to HSV, which might be more similar to the default interface (or, at least, the way to pick colours) in Photoshop. You can select R, G, B or H, S, V to specific picking based on any of those parameters. You can also change between Single Wheel Mode and Multi Wheel Mode. With the Multi Wheel you can click on any parameter (for instance, Blue or Saturation) and tweak from there.

Luis Canau

Sorry, there’s apparently no Multi Wheel Mode on Essentials, but you can still change RGB to HSV.

Thanks for the reply. That’s unfortunate that that’s not available in essentials, but I’ll try changing to HSV :slight_smile: