Any TB 4 screenshots ?


I’m interested to see that some of the new toon boom 4 features look like especially the new user interface !!

I can’t see any screenshots on this site and the tutorial videos seem to be for 3.5.

Has anyone seen any on other sites ?

Not long before the preorder offer runs out, its a bit difficult to decide whether to order with just text details.


It is my understanding that V4.0 is still undergoing final testing and that one reason that screen shots or specific feature details have not yet been publicly released is that they are still making adjustments and don’t want to present the details of the product before they truely are finalized. Having said that they are offering a discounted upgrade to current users as a gesture of reward for their being existing customers.

I have been a user of TBS since version 1.0 on the Mac. It has been my experience that every upgrade has provided a respectable improvement in the product and its usage. V 4.0 will not be any different. It will have many improvements in work flow, interface and functionality. It is priced extremely competitively and I believe that any current user will be more than glad they took advantage of the pre-release upgrade pricing although if you don’t feel comfortable and it is worth about an extra $20 for you to wait until after the pre-release period passes that’s certainly an option and a personal decision.

We saw nice improvements in the interface and the tool set in V3.5, and knowing Mathieu’s commitment to product improvement driven by listening to his customers I would be willing to go out on a limb and say V4.0 will be even easier to use and will have even more tool set improvements. The glow and blur feature is certainly going to add new creative possibilities. And the Photo Cut Out animation although not described in detail suggests a significant new creative set of possibilities ala the “Jib Jab” or South Park style of cartooning.

But we all have to be patient and let the software get fully tested and documented so that they can release it. So that no one gets the wrong impression, I am stating only personal opinions and just representing one users viewpoint. But considering the amount of time I volunteer toward helping other users and the amount of experience I have with TBS usage I hope that my opinion has some validity. -JK