Any simple way to unlink palletes for rig building?

I built a rig of a head with all of its side turns/mouths/etc. It works great and imports with no issue. After that I saved the head as a head of another character, and used TB_add_prefix to rename every layer as its own (and rename pallet ). After doing that i recolored the colors in those pallet to new ones for the character and drew new hair and stuff on layers.

The problem is having two of them in the same stage.

Whichever template I import first, the 2nd one I import will take on the pallet color of the 1st despite having renamed color pallet /color names. It seems they are somehow still linked together.

Hi Vrexus,

It seems like you are dealing with cloned palettes. Your colours are using the same colour IDs and the highest palette in the palette list is taking priority over the other one.

You can resolve this issue in 2 ways:

Since your palettes are already created and loaded, I recommend that you use the Colour Override.

I hope this helps!


Thanks it’s what i was pondering about doing and it worked fine (I have the rig in a group and the last module out of group has the color override).

Kinda strange though.

I took the pallet in say head, and copied the color from the other pallet into the head pallet to condense all the colors into one pallet (by copying id so that color stayed on rig).
Then i deleted the extra unused pallets. However if i save that as a template and pull it into the new file it doesn’t let me use just that one pallet and instead asks me to do a pallet recovery (and recalls the old palletes i deleted even though i condensed their color id into the new one).


Mmmm… Right-click on the template and attempt a Remove Unused Files so the template gets cleared out of any possible unused palette.

In the recovery palette, does it bring back only the pasted colours or does it bring back other colours as well… Sometime little specs of colours you don’t see at first glance or are hidden behind other strokes can cause the recovery.