Any restore options?


I write again to this forum with a problem that i usualy get when im working on a project.
I use windows 7 home basic to runn ToonBoomHarmony version and i often get into the problem of loosing my work progress by the program sudenly freezing and crash even by a small 96 frame animation for a website.
So i was wondering if there is a way how to restore the last step before the program forces to close instead of opening the last saved file of the project?

Usualy it happens by the paint tool when filling linearts with small gabs but this time the program stopt responding when i was inking,then i played foward few frames to see the motion and when i was about to do few finishing lineart touches for the color filling, the program stopt to respond even after a hour of wayting and forced to close…

Any ideas?

Unfortunately there is no way to recuperate your lost actions after the last saved like you are doing.

In the upcoming patch of Harmony 9.2 there is an Auto-Save feature which should help.

Sounds good enough to me :slight_smile: