Any News on Harmony 21?

It’s about that time of year I think…

Any news on the next version of Harmony?

February? Typically it has been late Summer or was but in the last few years it has been ranging from August? to December?

H20 was released relatively early (June 2020?). I thought it was released sooner because of Covid-19. It was surprising to see it released at the time. I wondered whether it was done this way before everything completely shut down or at least adjusted to a Covid-19 reality. Better then and taking advantage of the momentum of the way things had been than later under the circumstances transitioning from the world as we had known it to an unknown future. (This is just my personal observation and me wondering).

There has not ever been any reliable prerelease teasing. Even a couple of years ago when a TB employee posting in this forum said there would be a release soon within a month or two they were off by months as we waited with no further word and that time came and went.

I also started wondering a bit if a new version would be released soon. :slight_smile:

Here are the Harmony release dates of the last years:
Harmony 20:

Harmony 17:

Harmony 16:

Harmony 15:

Okay, now can we start talking about Harmony 21?

The months come and go and no news on Harmony 21…

The press seems bad on the Mac M1’s running Harmony 20 (avoid, they crash all the time!) and even Big Sur from what I hear (I don’t know directly as my version of Harmony died with the 32/64 bit upgrade, so I was left completely beached by Toon Boom and now have absolutely nothing). It seems a bad time to use an Apple with their stuff.

Maybe Harmony 21 will address that, who knows, nothing forthcoming from Toon Boom on the matter - they certainly don’t win any awards for keeping up to date or in touch with their customers!