Any known Windows 10 issues?

Hi all,

With Windows 10 days away, I was just curious if anyone running the Windows Insider preview builds of Windows 10 has been brave enough to install Harmony 12 (Premium for preference) for bug testing purposes?

I’ll likely hold off the upgrade for a bit until things stabilize but I was wondering if there are any known issues with Windows 10 at this time?


It’s been a few months since this the start of this thread. I’m considering clicking that upgrade button that is screaming at me every time I log in to my work PC. I’m still a little concerned about the update messing with my Harmony 12 installation.

Has anyone recently (like in the last month) upgraded to windows 10 and had no troubles?

The only software that didn’t work when upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10 was my antivirus (AVG), which I had to reinstall. All the rest, including Harmony seems to be functioning properly.

Works here, but it seems to lock up if i go into properties of node write. Otherwise works fine so far.

I have windows 10, well the Toon Boom doesn’t run at all since it claims to be incompatible so it be best to wait till the software get’s patched to work with W10.

oof, good point. i was going to hold off a bit anyway, but i can’t imagine there would be anything?

as a side note, i have the Get Win10 app down in my tray, and according to it all my apps are “compatible”. So there’s that.

I don’t anticipate any issues – I’ve been running the preview build on a spare machine for two weeks and it’s been solid, just didn’t install Harmony on it because I don’t want any weirdness with the licensing software.

I like Win10 so much that I might just do a full backup and upgrade my production rig to see how it goes and be the sacrificial guinea pig. I’m sure Toon Boom folks will have my back if anything goes wrong.

/puppy dog eyes in Support’s direction

i just upgraded my Surface Pro 2 this morning to Win10 as my guinea pig as I do not require it on a daily basis. The process itself went smooth as can be, however the pen is a bit wonky now. Seems the Wacom Feel driver isn’t up to snuff? I went to re-install it, but didnt have time to finish it. Also haven’t had the chance to test Harmony with it.

otherwise Win10 isn’t too shabby. I look forward to talking to my computer all day hah.

so after a re-install of the Wacom Feel driver, the stylus is working again on the Surface Pro2, though for whatever reason its acting off register in Sketchbook. photoshop works well, too. i gave harmony 12 a quick run and it seemed to be A-OK.

Awesome. Yeah I too went ahead with the upgrade on my production rig (don’t try this at home, kids). Funnily enough, all the software I was worried might be janky ran fine, Harmony included.

Photoshop, however… (just a Visual C++ DLL thing I’m sure I can work out)

sorted, thanks to Ron on tech support

was a newbluefx plugin, titler pro 2 causing a conflict…


crashes when i open or create a new project, all latest drivers etc.

run as administrator and compatibilty mode do not seem to work.

any ideas? im sure it used to but now doesnt, havent used it snce i set up win 10 initialy



It doesnt work… I just tried so no animating for me :l

Hey guys, the way you fix it is by going to the Wacom tablet properties and you can select each program and the pen properties that goes with it. at the bottom theres a box you can tick on and off that’s labeled Windows ink. Just turn that off and bam!! works like a champ (Wacom Cintiq companion 1 windows 10, toon boom harmony essentials or whichever)