Any issues with vista 64?


Im planing for the coming 2-3 month by myself a new lap (Palmtop). and it will be for the moment a PC lap with vista 64.

So… are there any BIG issues or any SMALL issues i should know about vista32 / vista 64 towards TB Studio 4?

Does TBS 4 work with vista 64?

Or… if there is something else “tips&trix” you can give me before i buy my lap?

All best!


The software will work under 64 bits OS, although it does not have any advantage in doing so (basically it is not yet optimized for it so it will work in 32 bits under the 64 bits OS). This being said if you have other applications running 64 bits you could opt for that OS without having any worry concerning Toon Boom Studio not running on it.



Hi Ugo!

Nice to hear that. Thx for the info!D


Hi again!

I have bought myself one new lap(in a swedish term)! Dont know what you say in US “powerbook” or “laptop” maybe…

Anyway… i just wanna say that i have vista 64 and i see no problem with it… yet… and it runs “perfect” with TB4 and with my extra thing like scanner and wacom tablet!

Have nice day!D