Any intention to support LINUX platform?

At long last …paid my dues …limped along with my old single core Atlon AMD for as long as I could …I finally updated:

-Q6600 quad core CPU
-GeForce 9800 512mb interface
-8GB ram (capacity 16GB)
-Antec 900 Case
-Gigabyte Mobo GA-EP45-UD3R with cross-fire capability
-Zalman Cooler

Seperate HD …one 750GB (32 MB buffer), one 500GB HD 16MB buffer

Also bought power-supply and optical disk … assembled this baby in a few hours …fired up first try …no problem!

Stable so far and in the process of OC my CPU.

…But I’m running Linux …dual Boot Fedora and Mandriva …16bit!

Isn’t it time TBS look to support Linux platforms?

The people who use linux are more inclined to want TBS as far as I can see.

Why not explore this avenue TBS?


Supporting Linux is a quite complicated task since there are so many OS/version out there that are not quite using the same standard which makes debugging very labor intensive.

This being said if we notice a massive increase or request of support of the software under Linux we may come out with a version.

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LINUX have 100’s of distros (distribution) but they all run off the same OS (kernel). I don’t think you need to consider these seperate distros …many of which are generated from nobody’s with a computer.

But if you have to consider the different distros …there are just a few very popular ones thats worth consideration…FEDORA (or Red Hat), SUSE, MANDRIVA, and UBUNTU. Some of these distros have paid and free versions …and are very popular in some foreign countries.

Linux is gaining in popularity …as ATI/NVIDIA …WACOM …ADOBE…etc… have started to give this platform serious considerations and are accomodating people with Linux drivers for their products.

I can’t speak for your organizaton …but to understand that Blender for example supports this platform 100% and has gained a lot of notorioty and popularity via this platform … sold many books and etc through this avenue.

What I’m saying is …I understand you run a business …and I’m thinking that your extra effort will translate into dollors!