Any great tutorials on inking?

Wondering if anyone has a tutorial or suggestion on high end inking, like disney and dreamworks? Obviously, with Disney using Harmony for Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, as well as other studios, I haven’t seen anything from their perspective on how to handle inking. Any suggestions?

Just go to the basics,
I like to watch japanese animation, their inking is superb! and you can just translate the technique to toon boom…

with paperless animation you sketch and then draw your lines and paint, you have the option to sketch right in Harmony on a different layer to use as a guide, and then draw lines lines and color with the paint bucket on another layer, inking or lineart depends on the drawing style you want to use, you can use the brush with tapering lines or just use the polyline with non tapering thin to thick lines, I personally view professional animations or artwork to get ideas for how I want the art I make to look like, like line thickness, hatching and using cell shading techniques to make shadows on characters or props.

Inking is a subjective subject. I’ve seen a bunch of different approaches, but it’s all hinged on having a layer of art that is fairly clear or model sheets that have really clear details.

Sometimes I livestream what I’m doing so you might be able to gleam something from this:

I use the pencil tool for this one - Mostly because it affords a little more flexibility if you need to modify the line. This is more of a single stroke approach.

I use the brush tool with this one, because I don’t have any plans on changing the line, and I like the shapes that the smaller strokes create. This is more of a multi-line approach.

I been thinking about making a inking/clean up tutorial, because there isn’t much information out there other than just do it.

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Just to be clear about something: the character animation drawings in “The Princess and the Frog” and “Winnie the Pooh” were drawn with pencil on paper in the traditional manner and then SCANNED into Harmony for coloring. Some of the effects animation in “The Princess and the Frog” was drawn directly into Harmony with Cintiq tablets. But what you’re looking at with the character drawings is good old pencil on paper animation.

For some technical papers on how Disney might approach digital inking you can search here:

These tutorials on creating clean line art (inking) are good :

All of those videos demonstrate a general approach to creating clean line art , using Photoshop. (but the techniques apply to most any digital drawing program)

For clean-up in Harmony specifically , check out tutorials by Toonboom specialist “ZeBirdBrain” on her channel -

ZeBirdBrain’s tutorials are the best for getting started doing clean up in Harmony. Check out her tutorial 'Paperless Clean-Up Secrets" -

Thanks for the tips! Appreciate it greatly!

This is a great course in inking: