Any Animate users in Chicago?

Please bear with me. I bought TBA 2 over a year ago and just can’t get anything going. I’m not a Luddite, I can do Pro Tools and Photoshop fairly well. I appreciate the work that went into the tutorial vids but they only show the tools. “This is a saw. It cuts. This is a hammer. You pound nails with it.” What I need is to watch somebody build the birdhouse, so to speak. Go from a blank screen to even a rudimentary animation clip, preferably with scene changes and sound.

I’ve spent a lot of time drawing and redrawing characters but can’t take the next step. I’ve e-mailed “training” at Toon Boom but never got a response. Salespeople call me, but I can’t buy anything else until I get at least a working knowledge of TBA. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who wouldn’t mind a guy watching them work for a while? If you’re suspicious (and who wouldn’t be) a public place would be fine. I can even pay for your time.

All I want to do is animate. And I can’t. It’s hell.


tony teach has a couple of projects available from start to finish no off screen work if that helps?

Tony’s stuff is great. Adam Phillips tutorials are really good also.

And if you can afford $25/month, I really recommend Adam’s animated FX course.

Thanks everybody. Gotta stick with it.


What we can do directly from Toon Boom is we can offer some online training sessions, and we can do in-person training sessions. But from your post above I’d probably recommend going with something like Tony Teach or Adam Philips to start out with.