antialiasing quality - script idea

firstly, i would appreciate clarification on this – does the antialiasing quality option for drawing elements affect only the render or also the drawings as you work with them?

second, i am curious if anyone knows of a script that changes this parameter on all selected elements. i have many drawing elements that are not yet at the highest A.A. setting and i’d like to change them all to the highest, at least before the final render.


I can answer your first question.
The anti-aliasing for the drawing element affects only the render.

For the scripting part… I am not very good at it. :slight_smile:
You can always download the scripting guide and scripting template if you have a bit of time on your hands.


unfortunately i have no time to learn the scripting syntax until 2011 :-\ i will return to it after my current project is complete. really, really enjoying learning the network in pro. extremely powerful.

thanks on the answer regarding usage, that definitely helps with workflow.

I don’t even know there the parameter is. Could you tell me?

raider – in AP2, this setting is in a few spots that i know of:

- in the layer properties of a drawing element, drawing tab under “vector options”

- in the network preferences, under “element module drawing options”

- in the layer selector, color art, underlay, overlay, line art effect modules (field chart has this setting, too)

they all have an antialiasing exponent as well as quality setting. i’m assuming that this antialiasing quality/exponent setting affects the render even when rendering movies/bitmap files, not just swf output?

here’s a thought – could i place the layer selector or color module at the end of a network, maybe after a composite module, to change all color art to high quality at render time, instead of applying to all individual drawing elements? that would be the same effect as a script, i imagine.

thanks i will have a look.

I was always under the impression it didn’t effect the final render in anyway as it always Highest available. Maybe I was wrong. I am going to do some tests.

following up on the networking of these modules via the manual, it appears that the individual component modules (line art, color art, underlay, overlay) will only work w/ vector composites or drawing layers (bitmaps will not be processed). however, the layer selector module doesn’t note this limitation… is it possible that it inherits these limitations anyway, or is it unique?

i look forward to your test results, raider.

Let me clarify regarding the modules in the Module Library - you can only use these modules on Vector elements - i.e. Drawing elements that were drawn in the software. You cannot use these modules on a bitmap layer - after all, a bitmap layer would not have line art, colour art, etc. The antialiasing is only applicable for a layer that you have drawn in the software. If you have imported a bitmap image, it should retain whatever antialiasing it had when it was originally imported - it simply exports the image back out again.

It’s when you have a vector drawing element that you need to define what kind of antialiasing you’d like to do.

These antialiasing options will show up when you render to an image sequence or to a quicktime movie.

I’m not sure whether the layer selector at the end will work - it’s worth a try. Make sure you put a composite node first.