Antialiasing Problem. How to avoid those transparent gap between several document layers?

Hello. I want to separate line art and color art in other layers.
I mean, Layer A has a black line art, and Layer B has White color fill like attached picture. It’s the easiest way to manage my document.But, as you can see, there are transparent area between Layer A and Layer B.You see red color between black line and white fill color. This red color comes from red background.

This is a serious problem. Is there any way to remove this transparent area between Layer A and Layer B? I want to add anti-aliasing after combining Layer A and Layer B to avoid this gap something like Apply Peg Transformation module. I know there is “Matte Resize module”, but I don’t think it’s the best way, because I need to add lots of Matte Resize module and tweak Radius parameter manually one by one. It’s really time consuming.





If you use vector elements this should not happen. Filling a color art layer should fill the object to the mid-point of the line art on the line art layer so there should in fact be a slight overlap to the color art and line art.

You may need to explain more about what you are doing and how you intend to do it for better advice (in case I have misunderstood something).

Thank you for your replay. I attached new files.

I need to use Cut module to cut vector layer.
See Picture A and Picture B. I used cut module to make Picture C.(I use Picture B as Matte layer.)
And I combined Picture B and Picture C to make Picture D image,and see Picture E, there is transparent area between both shapes.
(Don’t say I have to change layer order, I need to use cut module.)

As you said, I think there is no overlap between both shapes, therefore if both images get anti-aliased, it makes transparent area between them.

Picture B is anti-aliased, and Picture C is anti-aliased, so to make Picture D, it get anti-aliased twice and it makes transparent area between them,
but is there any way to make it anti-aliased once? I mean If I anti-alias Picture D shape, it won’t make transparent area, because there is no gaps.Is there functions something like After Effects’ “Alpha add” layer blending mode?
Alpha add mode does mathematics"transparent 50% + transparent 50% = Opacity 100%"

I think if I use cut module, vector image is rasterized and anti-aliased at this point? If so, if I need to use cut module, I can’t avoid this problem?

I’m still having a little trouble following your description but I’ll try to give some suggestions…

  1. If it’s not absolutely needed to have layers a and B separate, I would combine them into one vector image.

  2. You could try using a “Remove-Transparency” module to get rid of the transparent part of the antialising once the images are combined as separate images.

  3. If they’re both vector images, combine them using a composite module set to “As Vector”. This will avoid antialiasing at this stage since the result will be a vector image composite of images a and b.

Solution 3 is probably the easiest and most general solution. I was hoping for a more general description of what you are intending to achieve to offer one “best” solution but these should help you along.