anti-flicker on ntsc videos?

I have created a DVD in format NTSC using macs IDVD which converted it from film size to NTSC size, but when watching the quality of the film on the tv screen it looked very bad, and a lot of lines were there :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not used the antiflick effect before.I see that it has a radius parameter.

Is there a recommended value for the radius parameter of the antiflick effect, to use it in NTSC screens?

thanks a lot

I’d like to understand better what exactly the problem is that you’re experiencing. Could you answer the following questions for me:

- What software are you using? Animate Pro?
- What were your scene settings (resolution)? Did you have it set to NTSC?
- What format did you render your output to? Movie? Images?
- What exactly are you seeing when you watch it on a screen? Are you seeing flickering? You mention “a lot of lines were there” - can you describe this in more detail?

If there is flickering, then the anti-flicker module might help you out, but if there are lines that have been added somehow, then this might be a separate problem.

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1)sofware: animate pro
2)the scene settings: film 1.33 2048x1536, compression type animation
No, I didnt use the NTSC.
3)when exported from animate I used: movie, 24 fps, million colors, quality best.
5)then I used that file, and set idvd to NTSC, and it converted the file automatically.
4)in the tv a lot of horizontal lines appeared mainly, in all the video

It seems like there’s a problem here not on Toon Boom’s end, but something that you did on the iDVD end. This problem that you describe I don’t think would be fixed by using the anti-flicker module. It really is just for flickering.

If you would like us to continue investigating this, then you could email and send us the video file on which you see the horizontal lines, and we could see if there’s any other advice that we could give you on this front.

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Another thing that would be useful to us is to see a screenshot of what happens. To take a screenshot, try playing the DVD on your computer and if the problem shows up on the computer, then take a screenshot. If the problem occurs on the screen only, then if you can take a snapshot with a camera.

It might be related to the way that iDVD is downsizing your file. Basically you’re taking something that’s 2K resolution and you’re squeezing it down to NTSC. So it’s possible that if you export from Animate directly with NTSC, iDVD won’t have to compress the images, and you might get a better result. You might also try using an NTSC pro codec when you export from Quicktime.

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hi, thank you,
Now I am exporting the files using toonboom file NTSC, but I found that idvd uses internally .dv format to convert the files.
maybe should I export the video from toonboom to .dv dvpro50 nstc…

…or any other sugggestion?

thanks a lot

Yes I think you’re best off trying to export with DVCPRO NTSC. Give this a try and let me know your results.

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Thank you!
I’ll see what I can do with video card.