Anti-aliasing lines on PC TBS v6.0

I’ve used Toon Boom off and on for 4 years, went from v2.5 to 6 this past year (yeah big jump hah)

So I’ve seen this question asked for previous versions of TBS, so now I have to ask for 6.0. I’m on a PC (windows 7, Cintiq 21UX,12 GB RAM, Intel Corei7, ATI Radeon 5770 card)and when I’m doing my initial rough animation, rough lines are ok, however when I’m inking in the drawing view I NEED to be able to see AA lines, I can’t ink blindly :(. I have tried OpenGL, as well as Direct 3D with no luck, reset the program etc. When I render out my animation, the lines are clean, but the accuracy I need isn’t there. I’ve read on other posts the lines are crisp and clean in the drawing view on a Mac, since it sounds like it’s more OpenGL friendly on a Mac. Can I get this quality to work on my PC, and if so, how?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Please try changing the Rendering Options under Edit > Preferences > Display

You can try the anti-aliasing and also switching your resolution to Better Quality

Kindly post your results.

I forgot to mention I had all the settings set to the maximum in the Display Preferences. In addition to having the “OpenGL for full scene AA” checked on. The lines in the Drawing window still look jagged compared to the finished render.

Perhaps it’s a setting on my gfx card…

It’s not that the Macs are more “OpenGL friendly” but rather that the ATI graphic cards have drivers with poor OpenGL support on Windows. Normally the NVidia GeForce graphic cards are the better option on Windows systems.