Another problem

im strating to giving up on TB. I have new problem. I have few frames. Keypose, and now i want to copy one, and paste is somewhere else. I cant because keypose is changing. It s the same keyframe. why is it changing position?! It doesnt mind is it motion or stop motion keyframe. Also i m changing foot rotation on one keyframe, and i see in onion skin that other keyframe is changing! Why?! It s getting really annoying, new problem, when i solve it new problem, than next problem. Is it ever ending?

Pls help :frowning:

Great, i just saw another issue. I move one keyframe forward using maintain size in top view, and previous keyframe is changing size while i m doing it. Wtf? Not keyframe i m using, not every other, but only one previous keyframe…

And another btw question. I have a 6 kp to walking cycle. Can i move them all to start sequention on the end of previous sequence? I thought i can do it, but obviously i was wrong. u know 3 kp is a step, and after to steps i want cycle again but step ahead.

BTW. Lilly u r the admin here. Why this searcher doesnt work. i m sure that 90 % of topics will be solved by this. It d be faster easier and simplier. U have pro website, and dont have a searcher on forum?! Shame on you

Lilly is indeed the admin and they are aware of the search issue.

On post one, are you using the animate transform with the animate button switched on? if you use the normal transform or don’t have the animate button on you will get that behaviour.

On post 3 you should be able to copy and paste all the frames and at the point it jumps back to the start just animate your master peg to the right spot.

The search function works again, at least for me!

Best regards and Merry Christmas.

+1 :slight_smile:

I somewhat assumed it wasn’t cause it hadn’t been announced.

yeah it s work for me either.
about the other problem i solved it on my own but thanks for all sugestion.

Is the Search function still not working for you guys? It’s been fixed for over a week now, and when I tried it just now it was working for me. Shame on me, indeed.

When it comes to animating, make sure like TheRaider says that the Animate button is on when you’re making modifications. Turning it off will modify all the keyframes at once.

If you want to make a walk cycle animation, you can just copy the frames of your cycle and do a paste cycle to post the desired number of cycles. Then you can put separate keyframes on these drawings using the Transform tool with the Animate button on.

Hope this helps.


Sorry I should have announced it!!