Another Newbie Question

Thanks for replying to my other message guys.

Now i want to make a background for my main “guy” I got a image element and its on the scale. But it is just one frame, how do i really make it the background layer. And also, i want it to be 12FPS, how can i make sure that it is 12fps? thanks again guys!!

You have one frame in your exposure sheet for this background image and it is in its own element, so all you need to do is extend the exposure of this one frame to be however many frames you want it to show on the screen. Just move your mouse pointer to your desired frame number in that elements column and right click to bring up the context menu and select extend exposure and TBS will add hold frames of your image from its starting point frame to that new selected frame where you right clicked. Then there are several different ways to make it your background. One would be to move it to a position in the top or side camera view where it is the farthest element from the camera. Or you can move that elements track bar in the time line until it is at the bottom of the list. Or you can go to properties for the element and change its element type to “Background” which will then tell TBS to make it your background image.

go to File>Animation Properties and set the “frame rate” to 12. Hope this helps-JK