Another "Center On Selection" keyboard shortcut that doesn't change child item's expand/collapse states


The keyboard shortcut “O” (“Center On Selection”) allows the user to quickly jump to the Timeline item of the selected node.
At the same time it also expands or collapses all the child items of this node.

This can be somewhat hindering as the user might have expanded/collapsed items in a way that is adapted to the current task.
These expand/collapse states are lost when the user uses the “Center On Selection” keyboard shortcut.

It would be great if there was a separate keyboard shortcut that only centers on the item without changing the node’s child item’s expand/collapse states.

I’m trying to build this functionnality by myself via scripting.

But, unfortunately, there currently doesn’t seem to exist a scripting command allowing to retreive or set a layer’s expand/collapse state via scripting.

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