another animation

Here’s something I did on paper then scanned into Toonboom and then coloured. The sound was done after the drawings were finalized. It’s about conflict and the Type A personality

Here’s the link to have a look it’s about 2 minutes long


Terrific stuff!! I played it silently and got it. I’ll watch with sound later and look forward to an even better experience.

The green stripes in the background seemed like an optical illusion–I didn’t see them at first, and then I wasn’t sure they were there!

good stuff yar, I found it vaguely familiar in fact… ::slight_smile:

the pencil breaking was particularly good

Thanks for the watching and the comments.

The green stripes I still wonder if that was the right choice. I had single colour background and then saw John K.'s blog about backgrounds being boring and thought I would try changing it to what I thought the character would have for wallpaper. Also I’m reallly not sure what the colours end up looking like on other peoples computers. I had look on a couple other monitors and they can change somewhat.