another ai import problem...

I’m having trouble with importing illustrator files into Toonboom. I’m in OS X, using TBS 2.5 and Illustrator CS. I’m trying to import text from Illustrator. I converted the text to outlines (using both the text menu command and the effect>path command), I’ve tried exporting as various Illustrator versions, I made sure it was pdf compatible, and that it had the proper color palette (it’s just black text- no gradients or anything).

When I try to import into Toonboom, I don’t get any error messages- it thinks, brings up the “importing illustrator file” dialog window briefly, then nothing happens- the cell remains empty, and there’s no evidence of me even attempting to import.

I’m at a loss- it seems so simple to be having so much trouble with. I tried rasterizing and bringing into TBS as a jpg, but it looks horrible. I also tried adding some brush strokes to the ai file, to see if non-text strokes would import, to the same effect.


I am having the exact same problem and i did make sure my adobe illustrator files are PDF compatible. Does anyone know what’s going on with this?

Hi all,

had the same problem with importing Illustrator CS files.
Some imports work, others result in empty cells.

Here is my solution: keep the file names of the illustrator import files as short as possible.

No, i am not kidding. TBS is a bitch.