annoying pop up about selecting Final Draft file

Hi there,I have been working in Storyboard Pro for a few years. I have V 8.5.0, and running Windows XP.Yesterday it was behaving perfectly. Today, I am constantly getting a pop up window asking me to “Select Final Draft XML File”. It appears at random and frequent mouse clicks - such as, clicking on a different panel. I cannot continue working unless I close the window. I also get an occasional window asking if I would like to save before closing - as if I had chosen to close the software - this also happens on the occasional mouse click, just navigating around the workspace, but not as often as the previous problem, which happens about every other click.I have tried restarting. I am reluctant to try reinstalling at this point, as I have a deadline and limited access to immediate technical support.This is very annoying! Any ideas? Why should this suddenly start to happen? As far as I know I have done nothing to any aspect of my computer setup since yesterday.Thanking anyone with an answer in advance

Hi - you may see if installing the SP1 patch for Storyboard Pro resolves this.You can find that version v8.6.1 Build 4709 in your Toon Boom user account.Hope this helps!

Thank you Debbie, that did the trick!