Annoying line smoothing

Toon Boom Harmony has an auto-smoothing feature in it that is really annoying and I want to turn off. Unfortunately idk how to do that. When I draw something it smoothens out the line when I pick up my pen. That on its own isn’t that bad, however, when I go to smooth out the line on my own or just change how the art looks with the eraser tool, the smoothing just puts back whatever I erased. It makes it very difficult to work with the program because it ruins the drawing aspect of it. I can’t even get to animating because harmony is fighting me as I’m trying to do the art! If anyone knows how to turn off this horrible smoothing feature, please tell me. The “smoothing” bar on both the pencil and the eraser is at zero so I have no clue why its doing this.

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Hi I am having the same problem.
I cant draw whatever I want, it smoothens the line and is not transferring correctly. Stopping before i finish etc. I have reinstalled, put back all default settings, turnd off smoothing in the pencil and brush tool presets, saved the brushes, nothing really works. My cintiq and pen do work in photoshop, so it mus be toonboom.
please help, i cant do my animation work like this.