Announcing the launch of Storyboard Pro 20

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce that Storyboard Pro 20 is now out!

If you’d like a quick rundown of some of the new features, here it is:

  • We’ve added over 10 new artistic tools, including a 16:9 drawing grid, a rule of thirds grid, a new onion skinning display mode and more!
  • Storyboard Pro 20 also includes a lot of animatic improvements, including a new cached playback option, the ability to refine camera and layer motion using bezier curves and Blackmagic Design playback device support!
  • Storyboard Pro 20 also includes new audio effects such as the ability to speed up or slow down audio clips, a pitch shifter, a delay (echo) option, reverb and both high and low-pass audio filters.
  • Another major improvement is improvements to export and pipeline integration improvements. You can now export movies with a transparent background for instance! We also now support fonts with unicode characters when exporting!

For a full list of everything, please see our full release notes.

As always, can check try Storyboard Pro 20 or upgrade from our product page here: Storyboard Pro - Toon Boom Animation

You can watch our demo videos on our youtube channel: