annotation OverLay feature

Sometimes you want to put a mark on the image so you know that the shoe keep still or something other kind of visual notation to get more control.
You can add an image layer but is has to be outside every peg otherwise if will move with the keyframes added.

How about some kind of annotation Overlay that works like a paper on top of everything. ome talked about a kind of grid to get control.
You just press a key and see the Overlay, som some notes with a OL pen and make in invisible with a button.

Would some kind of layout too. Sketh lines and arcs you want to follow.
You´can of course use an image layer but then you have to find it among the layers. here is more a button see/not see to quickly add visual marks.

Good or not?
Or maybe already a similar way to do this?

Hello mattiasgordon.

Thanks for your input!

I’ve put together a few things in the learning portal where you can achieve a similar result in rigging. The first three topic illustrate a similar way to achieve what I think you are aiming for. Check it out and let us know if you find it useful.

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Thanks Genevieve,

I will take a closer look at this. I use H Adv som there might be some features I cant use. We will see.

/ best regards

It is called a “Grease Pencil” option - in Maya and Blender the Grease Pencil is used to do exactly what you describe. Very handy for notes, sketching paths, base poses, commenting, indicating adjustments to a junior animator, and so on.

Ok, that sounds like a great tool to have.
/ Mattias