Animorphic widescreen

I know alll the ratios for regular widescreen like 1280x720,1920x1080 ect. but what do you have to put in the animation properties window to make an animorphic widescreen animation. I an currenty usesing 3.0 not 3.5


Any Info would be helpful

Use the Animation Properties command under the File menu. This is where the screen dimentions and frame rate are handled.

Anamorphic settings for Toon Boom Studio:

DV NTSC Anamorphic 853 x 480 30 Frames
DV PAL Anamorphic 1024 x 576 25 Frames


I am using 853 x 480 and its just regular widescreen

out of curiosity, what is the difference between regular & animorphic widescreen?

Well, 853 x 480 frame-size is DV NTSC Anamorphic and should appear
rectangular “ widescreen” (16:9 equivalent) on your monitor.

Please have a look at the following links, they might give you some further information,
and gives an indication about the complexity.
(I guess a whole library is already written about this issue”.;action=display;threadid=2727


Regular widescreen is for looking at people while animorphic widescreen is for looking at funny little animal characters made to look and act like people…oh you said animorphic not anthropromorphic…never mind… ;D

In my mail yesterday I was writing about morphing not anamorph. Morphing is a program that produsec or fills in between two or more drowings. Thus from two drawings you will have the movments. An example of this would be a side vewe and a frunt one a person and each drowing from them two would be an inbetween shot.

These shots can then be bought into toon boom probably to make a nice smoth transision.

What has this to do with screen size?

Wena Parry, South Wales, U.K.

nothing at all. You just responded to a month old post on a completely untrelated topic :stuck_out_tongue: