Animator Wanted

I bought TBS but I just can’t get the hang of it ( I’m a writer not an animator) so I need someone to animate my project.
I have a project of +/- 5 minutes that needs animating
I’m aiming high, The intention is to make it a Christmas single release in the UK. (The subject matter is very English)
Deadline is around september time.

What do you get? For a start you can have my copy of TBS, disc, user manual everything.
Full animation credits on the finished project
A split of any profits from sales of the single (Not profits from the illustrated book that will be produced in tandem with the single)

Maybe it’s pie in the sky, but maybe not. Jona Lewie (Stop The Cavalry) lives off the royalties from his one Christmas hit.

What do you have to loose? Some time maybe, when you’d probably be animating something for yourself anyway.

If you’re interested get in touch, let me see some of your work,.

This time next year we could be millionaires!