animator wanted for viral comedy videos

Hi, I’m a comedy writer looking for a talented animation expert/cartoonist/artist to work with to create viral comedy videos that will generate income for both of us. First I was going to try and work with a sketch comedy troupe but the right funny animated video clip has just as good or better chance of becoming a viral video. Plus we can create anything I can imagine. You don’t have to be highly technical necessarily and some of the videos can even be quite crude.

I also am an expert at audio engineering ( I have a complete recording studio)
Video editing (I also have a pro editing system)
Also I am a photoshop expert.
I used to draw and started to learn toon boom or one of the animation programs, but it’s just too much for one person. I would rather work with someone and concentrate on the writing and audio.

I can give you a complete file of the audio for each sketch or video since I have the capabilities to record the voiceovers and music. So I can present you with a complete audio track and all you have to do is create the image to go with the audio. Or the reverse, I give you the script, you do the visual, send that to me and I will put the audio track on there. I have worked via email on many musical projects with people all over the world and it works quite well.

Go to my Youtube page “Mr. Jerry Rio” and you can check out my comedy. And under my favorites is a link to my “Thyrdeye” page. There you will see the skits, parodies and sketches I have done in the past. Most of my comedy is in the form of “Man On Street” type interviews, I just want you to see how funny and quick witted I can be. I also write sketches and have many ideas for political and other popular culture phenomenon that are very current and will interest many viewers.

I know good animators charge a lot and I am in no position to hire and pay someone. This is to be a collaborative effort where I supply my part and you add your talent (open to creative input about the comedy from you too) to create entertainment that will take off like a bolt of lightning. We can discuss how we will split up the profits.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have about this proposal.

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