Animator needed for 18 month project

Hello there,

I am starting a youtube channel for children and already have the first 2 episodes recorded (audio) but now need suitable animation. I have tried blender but the prices are very high and each episode will take far to long to create with it.

I have a budget and am looking for the best offer but this will be a long term partnership (minimum 18 months) and aim to create 200 5 minuite episodes however only about 50 will be unique and the other 150 will be slight variants on the original 50. All characters will remain the same throughout all 200 episodes.

Provided this goes somewhere near projected after 18 months i want to start creating more in-depth 15 min episodes with different characters and a complete storyboard carrying on from episode to episode.

I understand this is not very much information regarding price however I have no experience with this medium and want to test the waters and do more research while this ad is posted.

Best regards,