three animations that make it a long time. God exists Ninja emo light on the way

hope you like ;D

Interesting animations. Did you make these? In the first two I like the blended shadow and highlights on the characters. How was this done, with a blur filter?

yes, the animations are mine, Animate Pro their filters shadow and highlights are modified that radius of blur.

animate an example

… in Animate Pro is much easier to manipulate the filters with Network

He means tone and highlight (i actually have a little tutorial on that and is both a standard and pro feature).

Those animations were good. I liked the last 2. The first one the art was good but obviously since i speak on english I really had no clue about what it was like to watch.

Cool. Thank you both for the tutorials. I think both methods would be useful. The one adelmo83 posted would be great for scenes that needed a rim light effect while TheRaider’s would be good for an ambient look.

I really like the colors you used of the first video.

Muy Buena.

I see that you’ve started a discussion about the nature of God!