Animation with live action

Hello guy’s, new here and I’m interested in using Toon Boom Harmony for a project that has live action with cut out animation. Here is an example of what I’m trying to do: Yummy Fruits & Vegetables | D Billions Kids Songs - YouTube

I don’t quite understand the workflow for making these types of videos. Would you import your live action (green screen keyed) into Toon Boom Harmony and work there directly or would you export the animations created in harmony and then import them into your video editing software? Anybody have an idea what work flow they are possibly using for these types of video? It almost seems to me like you would need software that was designed for both video editing and animation at the same time. Anybody with experience could chime in please.

These D Billions videos are probably done in After Effects, and then edited for export.

The workflow depends on your workflow and skills. You could use Harmony and work directly with recorded footage. Or you could make your animation assets and composite them in a composting and or video editing software. It all comes down to what your capable of doing in the software(s).