animation . Watch, comment. Thanks!

awesome! Very creative vision and execution, fit the music. Well done!


This was really good. It definitely did fit the mood of the song, and it really looks like the kind of thing you would see in a Radiohead video.


It looks great and yes you have manage to create the right mood for the Radioheads song. Its a nice story with a good feedback to it !)

there is something i think could be better and thats the camera and some people movement. The camera movement are mostly moving to fast from positions to positions… if you could add some more frames into it i think i could be better. Same thing with some people running around… if you could add some more frames to them also i think it could be better.

Averall… you have manage to make one whole movie and thats great ;D, but i looks like you have done it quite fast and quick. and from my point of view it looks like its to roughly made at this point and you need to go through it again and make some cleen up… particular the white background through the movie…

Keep up with the good work!

good job. man!

Very unique and creative. Enjoyed it.


Thank´s for comments.
I think on.