Animation vs Storyboard

Hey everyone, this is a short clip from a video I’m currently animating to show to potential freelance clients. It’s basically showing my ability as an animator and editor and my partner’s ability as a writer and voice actor.

I thought this chunk turned out nicely so I thought I’d share it and the storyboards as well.

All of the animation and storyboarding was done in Toon Boom Animate Pro. The lighting effects were done in Premiere Elements of all programs. Hoping to switch to After Effects soon but in the mean time Elements gets the job done beautifully. I’m definitely trying to make this as professional looking as I can.

The full video features caricatures of myself and my partner plus a cameo appearance by both <a href=>Troll Slayer and <a href=>Joe

More pictures from the project here:

Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to animating!!

shouldn’t it be storyboard first then final animation?

Like look how cool I made it. The storyboard is pretty anticlimatic especially since it isn’t animated at all.