Animation Triggers

Hey, Im new to TBH, coming from After Effects.
Does TBH have a trigger where you can trigger a certain premade animation.

For example you have a character with 5 animations.

In your scene at second 10 you want the character to play the walking animation. Is it possible just like in after effects to klick on the walk trigger and than the walk animation will be played at second 10 in the timeline or do you always copy and paste the keyframes where you want the animation to be played?

I am just want to say that yes, it is possible in Toon Boom Harmony (TBH) to trigger a pre-made animation at a specific time in the timeline. You can use the “Master Controller” feature to set up a control panel with buttons that can trigger different pre-made animations. Once the control panel is set up, you can add keyframes to the timeline to trigger the animations at specific times. This can be done by selecting the control panel button in the timeline and using the “Add Keyframe” button to create a keyframe at the desired time. When you play the timeline, the pre-made animation will be triggered at the designated time.

Alternatively, you can also use TBH’s “Library” feature to store pre-made animations and then drag and drop them onto your scene where you need them. This method can be useful if you have a large number of pre-made animations that you want to reuse in multiple scenes.

Overall, there are different ways to trigger pre-made animations in TBH, depending on your workflow and preferences.