Animation Time-Lapse Video: Cartoon Smart Contest

Hi everyone. I entered Cartoon Smart’s animation contest and did a time-lapse video of a couple of secs of frame-by-frame animation that I did on my clip. In case anyone would like to take a look at it, it’s here:

It’s not an elaborate tutorial, but it’s fun to watch, I think. Have a great day!

Good luck!

How long was your contest piece in the end?

Thanks. It’s 15 secs long. I started back when people hadn’t complained about that lenght! This is the animatic:

Awesome tutorial videos on your youtube channel. Great job.

Yeah it a shame. I thought the 15 second thing was going to be really interesting. I am hoping people on the shorter end get more noticed for it. I am probably going to enter to with the spinal tap stonehenge scene but the shortest I could rewrite the 5 minutes of music too was about 28 seconds.

Thanks feel free to subscribe :smiley: I am actually about to record some more now!