Animation that's not Flash.SWF?

I’m a web designer and I have a website with a flash cuber . My problem starts here, Mobile devices doesn’t support flash that is SWF, so you can’t see my flash cuber unless you using a PC. I met a comic developer for kids. and I went to his website and saw graphics with motion. I asked him how? He showed me animation.gif in photoshop on his labtop. So I go home and make my animation and can’t add it to my website through Dreamweaver cs5. Can anybody tell me how to add the animation.gig without an SWF.file?

Isn’t that the same as adding an image in gif format?
No problem in my Dreamweaver CS5.

I’m confused, we talking about explaining GIF animation, SWF or how to show / upload in Dreamweaver ?..

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