animation studios in canada?

Hi everyone, can someone orient me towards the best Canadian animation studios, mainly 2D but 3D is interresting also. Montreal would be ideal. we’re looking into making high quality frame by frame within Harmony

Hi Pierre,

There are several good studios in Montreal and in Canada.
Some of them do cut-out, some of them do frame-by-frame, and some of them do both.

I will send you an email with a list of them.

I wish you an excellent day!


Hello Pierre,
right now i find myself in kinda the same situation, i’m looking for studios in canada in general for a call that is being made between my country: Colombia (Ministry of technologies and ProImagenes) and Canada (CMF:Canada Media Fund) that will allow us to do the development of a project with funds from your government and ours. This call is aimed to encourage co-production between our countries. So if you both of you by any chance have any contact with 2D animation studios in canada it would help up a lot! thanks in advance