Animation Stopwatch

I found this on a stop motion site.

You can download the page and use it whenever you want to time something and find out how many frames a specific action or scene lasts.

Great post Zebtoons! Very helpful indeed! If anyone’s interested, there’s also an iPod touch/iPhone app for animation timing, although you’ll need the latest iPhone software to use it (iPhone and iPod touch 3g users are out of luck!) It’s called “Animation Timer” and can be purchased from the iTunes app store for 3 bucks.

Here’s a free timer you can download at: It’s a non-installing executable. The only thing I don’t like about this timer is that the start and stop buttons are separate. So if you are clicking to start and then recording an action you also have to move the mouse to the stop button which is an extra step and slows you down somewhat. The first web based stopwatch in this thread is easier in that respect.

And here’s a helpful conversion chart.