animation software research, please help.

for reasons nobody seems to understand except me and my animation associates, we wish to create a cartoon with very traditional hand drawn, cel based techniques and results. we are trying to find an animation software package that allows us to import images of hand drawn cels, and then create a high quality frame rate sequence, importing and merging an audio file afterwards. i havn’t been able to find any helpfull information about this on any reviews for toonboom or other animation software packages, as they only seem to talk about the onboard computer created images. can anybody please tell me if there is a way to do this with toon boom (or any other software) or has this outdated method now been completely disregarded? thankyou

Well, here is an excellent tutorial by D.Nethery - how to import hand drawn images…
"Importing Bitmap scanned images to TB 4.0"


thanks alot, looks good

You might also want to check this out too.
Pencil Check Pro

It is made to support the classical process. -JK