Animation shorts and work in progress preview


Thankyou for the comments :slight_smile:

I made a little more screenshots of the T.T. project.
At first I was pretie scared of that network system but now I like it alot. It helped me to improve alot of things in my project :smiley:
Oh i also repainted the backgrounds… i kinda cant work with flat colored backgrounds somuch and get the urge to add textures of any kind ^^;

heres also a youtube link of a small video where i was practicing face expressions randomly. I really like the texture feature as it really does give such pencil like feel and it is good for rough animations :slight_smile:

Oh and the “increase/descrease exposure” shortcut buttons became my fav in working with frames. Its really avesome that I can setup the workspace as I want…just had to say it XD

I tog some time to show what i made with ToonBoom animate2 sofar.

PS: The animation works more smoothly in firefox.

Natalia walk
Natalia is one of the random background characters that i have shoosen for a walk lol
The background was made in Gimp and also the whole animation was saved as GIF animation in gimp.
Iam glad how well toonboom animate 2 can keep the quality of images and draws :slight_smile:
The cutout pupped and all the animation movement was made in toonboom animate2

The eyes of doom
This little fox like kitty is my fursona.
The background and exporting all in gif was again made in Gimp.
In toonBoom animate2 i used 2 separate layers to animate the characters body and tail individualy.
It was also the first time i tryed to use blur effect to make the eyes of doom more dramatic.

My little Latrell
Recently i became a fan of My little pony: friendship is magic that unlike the old ones is supricingly verry well done!
This also gave me an idea to try animate with transform tool bouncy hair and more smooth blinking of the eye while at the same time i also tried to make a eh, walk cycle of a 4 legged character.
The character you see by the way is called Latrell. Hes originaly a grey lion who flirts with anything thats female.

Here are two small screenshot like previews of two projects that im working on in toon boom animate2

Cyndork animation (final title not yet decided)
This is based from old and new Spyro the dragon games that will illustrate the manner of verry strong Cynder fans (the black female dragon)
But the main reason why im working on this project is to improve the skills.
I already gained from it more experience in lipsync and dynamic movement.
Now one of things i could really use is the ability to merge layers so i dont get tons of them XD;

This will be an animation clip for the famous band Tap Tap and also my final bachelor project.

Hope you like <3

I have to say your art is excellent.

I like your style.

My favorite is the kitten doing a double take. :slight_smile:

Thankyou,iam glad you like my work ^^

Very, very impressive! Can’t wait to see more!


It all looks very good to me and it looks as if you are continually improving.


Very cool… you really like to push your color work. Gives it a cheerful kind of feeling.

Good work! The drawing style seems like it would lend itself to fast, extreme changes in the poses and I can already imagine it being pretty dynamic just from the drawings. Lookin’ forward to seeing more!

Really cool stuff!