Animation Set Migration

Does anyone here at this community have any experience with moving TBS V3 animation sets from OSX Mac to Windows XP? We do some of our production work in a collaborative environment where we may need to have someone work on part of a project on V3 on a Mac and then pass the project to someone else using V3 on a PC. The machines are in different locations and only connected by the Internet and FTP file transfer. They will be using the same version of TBS but on different operating systems. I know that the Mac uses a packaged file structure for TBS projects and the PC uses a folder structure. Are there any special conversions required? Thanks in advance, for sharing your experiences.


The projects are the same on windows and Mac OS X if you use the same version (V3) of Toon Boom Studio.

If you want a tip, I would suggest to use the local library of your projects and avoid the global library so you don’t have to transfer the global library too. Also, if you use ftp it is a good idea to make an archive (zip, tar, stuffit or other popular format) out of your project folder before transferring to avoid corruption.


Thank you very much for the reply and the suggestion. It all makes perfect sense. We are excited about beginning to utilize TBS as a major production aid and the ability to work cross platform is useful as many of our team collaborations are geographically disbursed and on different systems. We are all working on or will upgrade to the latest version so we appreciate knowing that project sharing is compatable. -JK