Animation running slowly


First, I would to apologize for my english. It’s not my mother tongue.

I have a mac (Late 2011, OSX Lion, 4gb, i5 2,4ghz) with Toon Boom Animate Pro 2. I use it to made animation, but since i progress on my project, the software run the animation very slowly (Especially when i started play the animation from beginning to the end / For now my animation have above 1033 frames).

On my work space, i have many layers (Please, see the picture attached to this mail). This could may be the problem ? Why the animation is too slow ?
My second question is : Can I group the sound layers ? Can i group the drawing layers ? If it possible, write me please how ?

Thank you

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Is it just slow inside Animate or is it also slow when you render it out?

On animate, i can work perfectly (During my drawing…). Without freezing ou crash

The problem is when i push on play to watch all the animation.

To work correctly, i need to play the frames many times (with the button loop)

For additional information : My graphic card is : Intel HD Graphics 3000 384Mb

This is not a very high-powered graphics card, and 1000 frames is starting to get long. You can always do a Render and Play, or in Version 3 you can do a Record and Play. Record and Play is great, because it basically just runs through the scene ones to record the OpenGL frames, then it pops these up for quick playback.

You can do a similar thing in version 2 if you do an Export > OpenGL frames, and then click on Movie