(Animation) Reset ease on multiple keys


I was wondering if there is a way to reset (0.0 value on all the bezies -ratio- in the panel: Set Ease for Multiple Parameters) that it isn’t put the 00 manually.
As as you know TB remember the curves you create (or sometime it creates curves out of nowhere!).

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Do you have a specific example where this is needed?
Please post a screenshot.

The ratio is simply a scaling factor to apply for changes
in what’s already in the function. I may be misunderstanding
your question.

It isn’t related to a specific situation (even if it happened more than one time to me to pass from spline, back to blocking and back to spline and have the curves gone crazy - brackets in odd positions-).

The situation is the following:

I have 4 key frames of which I did the ease (from the panel “Set Ease for Multiple Parameters”… meaning I edited the curves). Than I decide to remove all the editing I did on the curves, so I want them back to “linear interpolation” (no ease but still tweened).
Is there a way to reset the interpolation of movement in my animation?

To pass from blocking, linear interpolation and spline interpolation.

Is there a way to pass from spline to linear again, without having to write 0.0 to all the ratio value in the panel “Set Ease for Multiple Parameters”.

One way is to enter into the function itself and to choose the straight line graph.
Another method might be to use the “reset all transformation” button on the
Camera window toolbar.

http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-14/premium/cut-out-animation/reset-transformation.html?Highlight=reset all transformation

If there are just a few keyframes it might be faster to just delete them and make
new keyframes.