animation project estimates

I am trying to determine an accurate means of estimating an animation project. As a former software engineer, I’ve had to give project estimates.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a formula that was a good foundation in which to estimate projects. For example, programming buttons require 8 hours (validation, database interaction, etc…)

I am not an aminator. I have several small projects in which I would like to explore animation for foreign language training. The animation characters would be bottlehead doll characters; big head, no arms, no legs. There is no moving backgrounds; only 2-3 characters in short 5 minute scenes.

The most important aspect is the syncing the characters to audio since this is language training.

Is there a formula in estimating animation projects? Is it practical to say that for every minute of animation, 200 total hours are involved, combining the planning, storyboarding, designing, etc…