Animation Problem - a red shadow follow the animating element


I am a beginner of Toon Boom Studio. I have a problem in doing a simple animation.

I follow the video tutorial (Animating Elements).
1. Select frame 20
2. Select the Plane with Transform Tool selected.
3. Drag the Plane to the Left position.

Here’s my problem:

A “red shadow” to the right of the Plane was growing bigger and bigger when I was dragging the Plane to the left side.

The animation did work. However the “red shadow” is really no good. It damaged the animation.

I tried to use draw tool to draw a ball and did the animation. The situation is the same.

What is the problem? Please help.

Thanks and best regards


The only thing I can think is that you’ve got “show previous drawings” turned on. Did the red shadow come out in the final animation? If not and you only see it while drawing/editing, then check that function off. It’s under “view … onion skin.” Hope this helps.