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This seems like a stupid question with a really simple answer…I am a former Flash CS4 user and am hitting some problems while trying to do animations in Toon Boom. In CS4 I could move a graphic without it being moved in other scenes…however I can’t seem to do this in Toon Boom. If I nudge a drawing in one scene its nudged in every other one. Is there something I’m missing?

Yeah I just had this problem with the cartoon Im working on…

Click the animate button before you micro nudge and it will nudge only that part in that view


Did mrjackugp’s answer solve your problem? If not, then please clarify what you mean here. We don’t have different scenes inside of Animate, so I need to know more about what you mean. Are you nudging inside of a symbol? Or a template? Or just within a scene?

Any modifications that you make to a symbol will automatically update within a scene. If this is not what you want, make a template instead of a symbol. Templates come into the scene as instances - meaning, it’s a new instance every time you bring it in, and changes that you make to the original template will not affect the one in the scene automatically.

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OK–i think that this is where my problem is. All I did was create a drawing layer and then draw my character. I just wanted to do some practice with walking but if i bump him forward in one frame he’s moved forward in the frame that precedes it too. I’m assuming I need to turn him into a template/symbol and then use that in the frames?

Also, I’m doing this with the G/L button selected

What is the g/l button?

You need the animate button on and you need to use the Animate transform tool (not the one you use for your drawing).

You can also manually set keyframes pressing F6

When I hover over the buttons directly below the camera view/stage I have one that shows as ‘preview’, one that is ‘open gl view’, and one that is ‘render view’. There’s 3 more for things like the camera hood before giving the percentage of zoom.

I do have the animate button selected but wasn’t aware of the animate transform tool. Where is that? Do I first convert the frame to a keyframe?

And lastly…will I still need to turn the drawing into a symbol? I was able to do so but the colors were inverted.

Thanks for the help.

You do not need to turn the drawing into a symbol. All you need to do is make sure that you’re in the Camera view (not the Drawing view) and use the Transform tool. This tool is located underneath the Animate button, and looks like a box with some dots on it. Click and drag to move the object on one frame. Go to another frame down the line - make sure you have extended the exposure - then click and drag on the object with your transform tool again.

It seems like it might be a good idea if you worked your way through the free training videos and the User Guide, available through the help menu.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Big help!

Just to clarify what I said, the tool Lilly directed you too is what I call the “animate transform” tool. I don’t know if that is the technical name. But the transform tool at the top you use for drawing you can’t use. You can tell which one you have selected by the colour it chances. You can also only select the whole drawing with the Animate one.