animation-ish closing when control v used

I was using animation-ish on Trial, I have since bought it, put it on my 2nd computer with a wacom tablet, with updated drivers. I started a new file made the first frame drawing copied it, but when I either press control v or use the copy past from the menu with both my mouse or the wacom pen it closes the program. Any ideas. I have been using the toon boom studio 5 for nearly all the trial period and have not had this particuler problem with that.

Try going to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Paste Drawing Object - what does it say here? What happens if you try to click the button and map it to Ctrl-V again? Does it give you a warning saying that it’s already been assigned to another shortcut - for example to the “Close” shortcut? All I can think is that you may have somehow overwritten your shortcuts.

You can also try hitting the “reset all” button in the shortcuts tab, to reset all the shortcuts to their defaults.

Let me know if this resolves your problem.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lily
Thanks for reply. I restarted the computer and it was find,
I didn’t knowingly change any shortcuts, but I can see how that would work with most programs interesting bit of info.

Hi Dave,

I’m glad everything got resolved in the end!