animation exports at wrong speed

made an animation at 12fps and when i exported it i went into the settings and made sure it stayed same speed. but when i played it it was 24fps. anyone have any idea how to fix this?

How are you determining whether the exported movie is 12fps or 24fps?

What OS platform?

Which level of Premium?

Where have you designated fps?

I go to file > export > movie > movie options. Then from there there’s a setting for FPS which is set at 12.

I use a MacBook Air

I have just the essentials.

(I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that but in the program it always plays back on the right speed, but the export wont.)

The FPS setting in the Movie export is disabled (along with filters).
You would need to set the project itself to 12 fps.

I’m confused, I set it to 12 in the main preview thing… Where else could I set it?

Not sure whether TB Support will pass through here again today.

When you start Harmony a window opens with scene settings. Here you name the project and set up the camera size and frame rate. If you chose any preset the field for fps is locked. None of the presets offer 12fps. There are only presets with 15, 24 and 30. The only way to start with 12fps is to create your own scene preset with 12fps.

Did you create a custom scene with 12fps at this stage?

If not, you started a project at a different fps (probably 24fps). At some point you had to input 12fps. If you did not do it at the very beginning did you do it later using the top menu bar Scene => Scene Settings ? …here you can designate a different fps without creating a custom preset.

When you export the movie Top Menu Bar => File => Export => Movie => Options => Movie Options I don’t think the Quicktime options work even though a window opens and you can choose different settings including fps. I have Premium and they are disabled. In Premium you use a Write node.

You should start with 12fps using a custom preset.

Are you determining the frame rate output is wrong by the playback behavior of the rendered file?

As user o0Ampy0o mentioned, you can create a new
preset if you intend to work this way often.

To set it only in the current scene - go to
menu-Scene-Scene Setting… and on the “Resolution” tab set
the “Frames Per Second” at the bottom of the window to 12
and save your scene. Note however that if you have audio in
your scene you would need to re-import it to have it sampled
at the project’s current frame rate.